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Here to change the dating game, once and for all.

We Are different

With us, you’re guaranteed a diverse dating pool.
We only accept clients who are a good fit and likely to be matched.

Meet Our Founder

Dr. Lisa Valejos
Dr. Lisa Valejos

M|M was founded by Dr. Lisa Xochitl Vallejos, Ph.D., a licensed psychotherapist, and well-known dating coach. Dr. V wants to see singles of color find, cultivate and sustain loving relationships. 

She is committed to the health and wholeness of our communities and is dedicated to creating spaces where love flows. 

did you know?

Dating apps bring out the worst in us because like all impersonal apps and sites, there is no accountability. Users approach dating apps with a very cavalier attitude; send a trashy message? Why not, I’m never gonna meet them. Stand someone up? It’s no big deal…I’ll just unmatch and pretend it never happened. For those who are serious about giving and receiving love, this is a huge turn off and it’s why a lot of people eventually delete the apps in frustration.

Dr. Valejos
Dating Apps
Dr. Lisa Valejos
Sad African American man

Dating is not easy

If you don’t do the bar or club scene, where do you meet people? The odds of meeting someone by chance are 1:562 so to say it’s not easy is a massive understatement. Dating as a melanated person isn’t easy and meeting other melanated people who are eligible, available and ready is hard.

M|M is here to change the dating game, once and for all.